Colorful China – the Amazing Chinese Ethnic Fashion Show

From 01 Dec to 08 Dec 2017, the “Colorful China” group of Chinese models and performers will come to New Zealand to showcase the beautiful ethnic fashions and costumes to the kiwis. This group is organized and supported by China Ethnic Museum and the The State Ethnic Affairs Commission of China, and is regarded as an outstanding brand to present the variety and the best of Chinese ethnic fashions from China’s 56 ethnicities.

The Show and performances are visually appealing with live music, photograph exhibitions, dances and T shape runway fashion showcase. Yanni Shi, the president of Starlight Arts and Culture (one of the organizers), notes that this is the first time that this “brand” is introduced in Auckland. It is in their best hope that events as such could contribute to the ever developing multicultural environment of New Zealand.

Yanni also comments that costumes are the direct visual recognition of a nation and represent its culture in both physical and spiritual senses, which should be given the top priority when organizing events as such. In New Zealand, the Chinese as an ethnic minority takes around 4% of the total population. The local communities are inclined to embrace the ethnic minorities in China, which share the similar situations with them. Also the involvement of our charity partner St John is a good example of collaboration for a better community, since culture promotion is and should be all about learning, sharing and most importantly helping each other.


Representative from St John Dr. Andrew Zhu introduces the organization. St John was started in 1888 by Queen Victoria and is now supervised by Queen Elizabeth II and operated by her sons. St John New Zealand is a charitable organization providing healthcare services to the New Zealand public. The organization provides ambulance services throughout New Zealand, and also plays an increasing role in meeting the broader health needs of New Zealand communities through a number of health services and products. He notes that St John NZ would like to work with the local Chinese community more closely through events like this, and in so doing to increase their awareness of charitable activities in New Zealand.


The Vice Secretary of the organising committee Lily Tang talks about the organisation of the event, especially on the production tech and ticket sales. The production is done with very high-tech smart lighting systems, making the costumes shine on a stage like in a kaleidoscope. All the tickets were sold out in three days. The event is also supported by 26 local Chinese associations and 12 commercial sponsors.


Peter Kang, Export manager of the title sponsor Together honey expresses their joy to be able to title sponsor this event to promote the cultural exchanges between China and New Zealand. He wishes a great success of the event, and hopes that local kiwis could gain a good insight of Chinese culture, which could lead to business opportunities for both countries.


Not only will the Chinese ethnic performing group be on the stage, the local Maori performing group Nga Rangatria Mo Apopo (Leaders for tomorrow) from the Far North is also invited to perform. Additionally, the trophies for the lucky draw are also very attractive, there are mobile phones from Spark, beautiful pearl products from Pearl World, great bird nest nutritional drinks from Shoyo Swiftlet and ambulance models from St John NZ. It will be a unforgettable night for the audience.