The fart of making friends with your “enemy”

Professor Anne-Marie Brady must be very nostalgic when she compared the current era of NZ and China relationship to that in Cold War times on today’s NZ Herald front page, because she has successfully created an “enemy” out of the government of China and “victims” out of the New Zealanders who are of Chinese ethnicity, and she claimed that the current NZ government is not as capable or ready to fight against China as when against the Soviet Union, and guard the basic human rights of such “victims” within New Zealand.

(Chinese government) has dominated local Chinese-language media and institutions, threatening local citizens’ rights to freedom of speech, association and religion” – Brady (from NZ Herald)

Earlier, Brady published a report detailing China’s “United Front” approach to gain influence, which though detailed, but full of assumptions and unexplained definitions.

But if they (Chinese from Asian countries) wish to be part of a Chinese-speaking environment in New Zealand, then they now have to put up with China’s guiding of political activities within the ethnic Chinese community and tightened censorship on political issues in New Zealand.” – Brady (Her report)

I respect prof. Brady’s academic professionalism, but that doesn’t make what she said true.

International politics for me is like a survival game. Of course if everyone in China owns a car, the petrol world petrol price would have gone up, which will impact the petrol prices in all countries around the world. But can we stop the Chinese buying cars? Well, you can try, but most certainly no. And just because of this, the countries around the world should start to learn to make friends and work together. I know you are probably thinking that I am too naiive to say this, but can you show me another way?

From mid-1800, when the first opium was imported from the West to China, the old civilization was sunk into the real victim of wars that claimed numerous lives and tore countless families around the world. After 1979, when Deng started to revive China’s economy, the country has never even slowed down developing itself, both in the economy and in politics. After the 19th CCP Congress meeting, Xi and the leadership team started to attract more attention, because China is different now. It is relevant, it is right there on your face, it is huge, big and strong, and it is growing, so are you its friend?

People like Brady is trying, mostly in vain, to remind the governments to take precautions, to start worrying about China, to prepare for a WAR like in the old days aya! But, what can you, Brady, or the New Zealand government do about China, or its influences? By starting wars with China? Creating enemies? Calling NZ Chinese victims waiting to be salvaged? or maybe make friends with China, because at the end of the day, influence can only be stopped by something that is anti-democracy.

I can see the claim that Brady and her kind are making, but it shows their lack of understanding of the nation and the pain it has come through. China is not seeking revenge, the ancient Chinese wisdom is still learnt and practised in China. China is seeking friendship, to grow together, and to help solve its own problems. Brady talks about the “United Front (UF)” quite a lot, but the foundation of UF is to unite groups that are different, but could be flexible enough to share the same goal, even if temporarily. China is reaching out to make friends, people to people, government to government, and it believes it is the way to keep peace.

While Brady saw this as China trying to dictate New Zealand starting with the Chinese migrants, and then what? Tell them what to think, what to do and what to feel? Drill them and Diet them, treat them like cattle and use them as cannon fodder?(Caplin’s quote) No! New Zealand Chinese are not your kings’ missionaries, and our human rights are protected like every other kiwi who came from UK, America, Australia, India, Samoa, Fiji, and so on. It is such a despise to claim that if the NZ government is not doing something about this, the 200,000 New Zealand Chinese are deprived of basic human rights! I don’t need your extra protection or exclusion just because I can understand Chinese or I am of Chinese ethnicity. Is this not racism?

In my eyes, New Zealand is valuable to China, because of its friendship made by people like Rewi Alley (120th birthday this year 2017). I have witnessed many generous Chinese people who donated much to charities rather than politicians. I have seen many Chinese working very hard and saving for years to buy their first humble homes. I have talked with a lot of Chinese international students who came here with their dreams to make a difference.

I know it takes time to get accustomed to a world with a stronger China, but better a peace-loving nation that enjoys our friendship, than a finger-pointing war starter under the cover of democracy.