Parent Resident Visa suspension a foolish move still hasn’t been rectified

A year ago, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) “temporarily” closed the Parent Resident Visa Category (PRV), aiming to clear out the 2000 applications that are already in the system. This is a decision made by monkeys with no brains, and I can’t see it getting any better under the new coalition government.

By doing this, INZ sent a very strong message to all the migrants in New Zealand:”Don’t make plans to get your parents here in New Zealand to stay permanently, because we can’t cope with too many applications.“, which is an indefinite statement that’s detrimental to their confidence in ever getting into a family reunification here in NZ.

I understand all the concerns INZ had, but INZ could lower the quota of the application selected, delay the process, or create a system for random, indiscriminate selection of applications, or create a support programme to make sure that by the end of the day, the number of visas granted stays the same but people’s confidence is not damaged. However, the INZ foolishly closed the application, and there is no definitive answer on the re-opening date.

I don’t want to get into the discussion of “Why getting your parents live here permanently?” sort of twaddle because it is obviously a wrong starting point; nor do I want to discuss Winston Peters’ “retirement home” bullshit, since it was all based on the false and misleading information. What I am saying is, stopping the PRV seems merely like a reckless reaction to a PANIC due to a lack of strategic planning, capability, creativity or simply common sense.

From what I have heard from within the local Chinese community and my own experience, parents come to join their children with a lot more than just a burden to our welfare system which the Chinese seldom take advantages of, they come with:

  1. their life savings,
  2. devotion to taking care of their children or grandchildren,
  3. peace of mind for the children to not have to worry about them being so far away,
  4. a treasured culture tradition that their children haven’t learnt in depth in their home country,
  5. their love
  6. their connections from their home country
  7. good medical insurance in their home country and NZ

Now all of these above were cut off directly or indirectly by INZ, which could have been avoided if INZ was more sensitive and creative about its policies. Moreover, their children’s hearts were broken because the future is indefinite, and INZ didn’t give them any other options but either no parents here or leaving. It makes me sad to say this, but if you add all the listed above up and translate it into monetary value, you will see how much INZ has dumped because its incapability to deal with issues like this.