From Wikipedia, M-learning or mobile learning is defined as “learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices.” A form of distance education, m-learners use mobile device educational technology at their time convenience.

Using mobile tools for creating learning aids and materials becomes an important part of informal learning. M-learning is convenient in that it is accessible from virtually anywhere. Sharing is almost instantaneous among everyone using the same content, which leads to the reception of instant feedback and tips.

I came across different tools/apps that could enable instant integration of good content and put them down as a self-directed learning module, such as Snapguide, which allows anyone to create an instant step by step guide to do anything.

Recently, JJ and I helped the Learning Centre of Unitec with their student expo, and JJ has introduced Aurasma to them. This will allow them to scan an icon and load a pre-designed learning material for the student on the iPads given to them. Marg from the LC came up with several short videos explaining the help offered to the students, and if the staff is too shy to be in front of a camera, they could use Tellagami to replace themselves with an animated cartoon character. I think this is fantastic!



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